The SBACC was created in 1979 to help South Bay aerospace companies advocate for key space and defense programs funded by Congress and the Pentagon.  During these early years, all activities were voluntary and also mirrored the legislative advocacy undertaken by the California Chamber of Commerce.

 During the first round of defense industry base closures in 1990 undertaken through the Base Closure and Realignment  Commission (BRAC), the SBACC pulled all of its member chambers, community leaders, and elected officials at all levels of government to work with the Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) to ensure the installation was not slated for closure.  Having successfully avoided that threat during the first round, the SBACC continued to work effectively together on a common agenda of federal and state policy issues affecting the South Bay business community.

During the next four rounds of BRAC, the SBACC successfully became the organization that orchestrated all community activities in support of the LAAFB.  Thirty-six years later, the SBACC is a very well-recognized entity for all South Bay legislative advocacy on behalf of the local businesses and Fortune 500 companies represented through the organization.